Are you really a “healthie”?

A new faith has arisen and every day more and more people embrace it: “the healthy life style”. But… what does it really mean to be healthy?

Health comes from Proto-Germanic hailitho and means wholeness. One can be healthy only when taking care of the whole being.

It is a life choice. For someone just a fashion. For many it is a deep belief built on researches and years of study. The reasons that lead to it are different but yet everybody states the same: “I want to be healthy”.

Nowadays, being healthy has gone far beyond the simple absence of sicknesses. It became a lifestyle that many have chosen to follow. A quick search on the Web would overwhelm any brave explorer that has decided to discover this world. They will tell you to eat 5 portions of veggies pro day, to sleep at least 8 hours, to buy only organic food, to exercise as much as possible (… are you taking notes, because the list is long!) to drink 2 liters of water, 3 cups of green tea, to burn fat and boost metabolism and to take vitamins. Vitamin A for the skin, B for almost everything, D for the bones, C for the immune systems. And then we have minerals, algae, the yoga class on Monday evening and the right, positive attitude for the rest of the week.

Actually, the word health comes from Proto-Germanic hailitho and means wholeness. One can be healthy only when taking care of the whole being. This means that one apple per day and 45 minutes of treadmill will not make your whole being healthy, if your phone keeps ringing 100 times a day, your job pushes you down, your bills are your nightmare and your relationship is a disaster. In one word?

If you want to be healthy, reduce stress!

People are willing to invest a lot of money in sport trackers, fitness watches, apps to monitor health and progresses and yet they forget how to heal at the core.

Stress has been defined the disease of civilization and is among the top causes of illnesses. Reports from U.S. and U.K. show that over 70% of the population experiences stress regularly, being for work, money or relationships.

100 brush strokes a day, keep the doctor away!

Going on vacation could be an option. Maybe also booking a SPA massage. But the effort required, both financial and organizational, would end up adding more stress and pressure.  Stress should be reduced by the little, daily gestures and routines, by being gentle to ourselves.

According to the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, combing and brushing your hair could reduce stress, favorite sleep, increase awareness and relax the body. Our head works as the central system of the whole body and stimulating the right points can boost overall wellbeing.

At Hair & Care we got inspired by it and this is why we recommend our customers to choose the right hair tool to be fully healthy.

If you want to change something, start with your hair!

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