We have all experienced the awkward moment of stepping into a modern ambiance and claiming: “it is too cold” or going to a mountain cottage and feeling fine with the coziness of wooden furniture.  People are naturally attracted by specific materials and recognizing the right ones can improve inner wellbeing.

Every person can boost inner balance and harmony by choosing the right elements

Asian cultures have been knowing it for centuries: every person can boost inner balance and harmony by choosing the right elements, colors, fragrances and even climate. They believe that everything is made of an energy that can either tone or not with personal vibrations. The more a tool is personal, the more it will be important to identify the right characteristics. Combs, for examples, are considered extremely important for heath and therefore are created with different materials and shapes to better serve the owner’s needs.

There are many different types of combs, being wooden or horn. Which comb are you?

According to Ayurveda, each person carries three different energies (Dosha), Vata (elements: Earth and Air), Pitta (elements: Fire and Water) and Kapha (elements: Water and Earth). Everyone has one of those as dominant energy and it defines how one behaves.

Each energy can be influenced and even amplified by eating the right food, being in a specific season and even using the right materials.

There are many different types of combs, being wooden or horn. Which comb are you?


1)I feel at my best:

  1. a) During the winter with the snow
  2. b) During the summer with the sun
  3. c) During late winter – early spring, when it is not too humid

2)I would generally order:

  1. a) A fresh salad bowl with ice tea
  2. b) A warm soup with hot tea
  3. c) Anything as long as it is tasty

3)My skin is:

  1. a) Pale and delicate – it gets easily red with the sun
  2. b) Tannish and olive
  3. c) Soft and oily

4) My hair is:

  1. a) Red or blond
  2. b) Dry and weak
  3. c) Strong and thick

5) I am:

  1. a) Super organized and self-demanding
  2. b) Enthusiastic and creative
  3. c) Calm and caring

A – “Love for Life” If you answered A to most of the questions, your dominant energy is Pitta and you should buy a horn comb. Thanks to its cooling proprieties it can emphasize and boost your energy.

B – “Creativity and Vitality” If your answers were mostly B, your dominant energy is Vata and you are recommended to use a wooden comb. Vata people need warming materials and wood is one of them.

C – “Love and Forgiveness” If most of your answers were C, your dominant energy is Kapha. Those people should avoid cooling materials and therefore, a wooden comb would suit them better.

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