Hair & Care Ltd. donates 1 tree seedling per comb or brush* sold in August 2018. We support the reforestation of the rainforest by BOS Switzerland in honour of the international Orangutan Day on August 19.

* applies to vegan combs and brushes from Hair & Care’s Imperial and Comital Collections only. (PDF BOS_SALES)

Buy today one comb or brush and support the reforestation of the rainforest!

If you want to change something, start with your hair!

At Hair & Care we have a mission: offer wellness to the hair while doing the right things.

This is why our products are all made of woods from sustainable trade (CITES) and we continuously engage in valuable initiatives.

This year we have decided to partner with BOS Switzerland to promote the reforestation in Borneo, habitat of the last surviving Orangutans.

Since 2004, BOS Switzerland is involved in several activities to reforest burned and destroyed areas, promote orangutan conservation, combat biodiversity loss and support sustainable livelihoods.

Every fall, many volunteers join BOS Switzerland and leave to Borneo, to directly contribute to the seeding.

How can you be part of the change?

Buy today one vegan comb or brush from Hair & Care’s Imperial or Comital Collection and support the reforestation of the rainforest.

Don’t miss it!

For more information on BOS, click here.

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