Choosing the right comb is not easy and the elements to evaluate are multiple. Selecting the right material is essential and the time invested will definitely pay off while ensuring a great end result.

Choosing the right material of combs and brushes takes time and you shouldn’t look too much at price

Nobody would ever find it odd to spend an hour or more looking for the perfect dress. We like observing the lines, touching the fabric, comparing the colors and evaluating our overall feeling in fitting that piece of textile. It is ridiculous high the effort we put in such purchase, given the times we will actually wear a dress during a month.

Such attention and dedication should be given also to the purchase of our hair brush and comb. Often, people buy plastic tools without caring too much about their quality and forgetting about the impact on the hair. Actually, choosing the right material of combs and brushes takes time and you shouldn’t look too much at price, considering that you will use such item in your daily routine.

Let’s make it clear: as comb material, plastic is not an option.

Further to the impossibility to create a personal bond with the item, plastic can cause static electricity and hair frizz, increases split ends and damages the scalp. However, still many users buy plastic combs due to the cheaper price and the ease in finding them.

Another bad choice is the metal comb. The latter works quite hardly on the scalp skin and could irritate it.

The best choice is a horn or wooden comb

The best choice is a horn or wooden comb. Those items have light bodies and if they are of good quality, nicely ground and polished, their regular usage provides wellbeing to the hair, the scalp and the mind. The pressure of the teeth on the head works as acupressure, stimulating the nerve endings, helping blood circulation and favoriting relaxation. This gentile massage boosts scalp health, inner balance and can even activate hair growth. With a healthy scalp, it is easier for the hair follicles to get the right nutrition and it will result in longer and stronger hair.

Horn combs are dense in texture and provide a marble, cooling feeling. They are delicate on the scalp and can last long when used with the right care.

Start every new day by Combing your hair with natural combs.

Wood is a special material and its peculiar proprieties have been known for centuries. In the Chinese Feng Shui, wood represents one of the 5 core elements of architecture, used to create harmony between humanity and the surrounding universe. It is believed that it encloses the power of regeneration, growth and creation. This is why wooden combs have always been associated to wellbeing. An ancient Chinese quote states: “Start every new day by combing your hair with wooden combs. This is the way of long life”.

But what are the real effects of wood on hair?

These items work as natural moisturizers and conditioners, spreading on the hair the natural oil produced by the scalp. At the same time, they prevent your hair from becoming oily and greasy. If they are hand-crafted of superior quality, they won’t scrap nor bruise your scalp skin during combing and will not produce static electricity, because wood is a great insulator.

There are different types of woods and each one has peculiar characteristics. Our next post will focus on some of the most beautiful woods like Ebony, Vera and Chacate wood.

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